Progressive and immoderate, Suzana d’Amour has an arresting quirkiness, sound, and swagger that are entirely, and unmistakably, hers – lush, layered theatrical pop with world underpinnings that serves up old-made-new-again satisfaction with a whopping dose of drama and verve.

Suzana d’Amour, along with Mike Dell (piano) and Randall Savoie (bass),  have worked together for over a decade. They produce a sensationally unconventional sound that has earned critical acclaim from local and international media, including the CBC, Toronto Life magazine, and the UK’s Whisperin and Hollerin.

They’ve been featured on compilations albums with legendary artists including Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Bublé, Tony Bennett, Django Reinhardt and more.

“I feel like I am the luckiest woman in the world. Even after 13 years, it’s ineffable to describe the joy I feel when I get to share my work and give others the opportunity to escape into another world. “

You can describe their unique style as theatrical pop with a rich blend of blues, jazz and cabaret, combined with unmistakable passion and creativity.

Their latest album – simply titled “Suzana d’Amour” – includes an impressive list of collaborators: mixing by two-time Juno Award-winning sound engineer John “Beetle” Bailey, with contributions by New York’s Vickie Yang (string arrangements) and Shirantha Beddage who just won the 2013 Galaxie Rising Star Award from Montreal Jazz Festival.

“You Call Yourself A Man” is a sultry and teasing, jazz-infused track full of swagger that conjures Broadway sensations of the Chicago ilk, while the title track is a softly sweeping ballad that is both passionate and restrained.

Singing in French, Portuguese and English, Suzana’s devastating vibratos, her breathy, enchanting lyrics will make your heart swell and ache in “Il n’y a qu’un homme comme toi”. The bonus track, “Exchange Your Heart With Me”, with its rhythmic charm, is instantly mesmerizing. Taken together, her versatility is striking. Suzana d’Amour shifts seamlessly between styles and subjects – at times silly, at others serious – keeping listeners eagerly wondering what will come next, and delivering at every turn.

During the Summer of 2013, Suzana and her boys returned from their European tour and  had the privilege of recording their latest album in Berlin. Suzana d’Amour’s single will be released before the new year.


Inspired by Berlin, Suzana’s excited to expose a new musical venture – an electro-pop band called Lumanova – and her first single, “We are all made of Light,” co-written with Mike Dell and Randall Savoie, were released in the Spring of 2014.