Abundant Artist

I want to find solutions for artists. I want artists to feel like they can have a family and make music. I want artists to feel some stability so they can focus on creating their art. I am looking for people out there to help me with solutions. There’s artscape, socan, Ontario arts council, Canada council, Toronto council, which is amazing – I have benefited from these grants. But, I want to create sustainability. I want to pay artists to be artists. What would ease the struggle?

For me, it’s a place to live and money for food. I dedicate all of my time, effort, money and love to music and I am grateful for where I am but I must admit, no matter how glamorous it looks – it’s quite the struggle. I can survive, if I am just providing for me.

I want to create place-based sustainability. Meaning all of the community invests in emerging artists. This means places like Long & Mcquade, SOCAN, Festivals.. all put money back into sustainable living for artists.

Artists employ many people. Studios, engineers, illustrators, videographers, photographers, stylists, PR, social media, music consulting, subscriptions, and many more. The return on investment is so small, especially with streaming these days.Do you agree with this? If so, how do you think this can change?

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