After our show, I hear you all get ……

There's been some common comments that have been uttered to me after my shows. I thought I would share the context of these sensual comments;)

I learned that a lot of couples end up devouring eachother after watching our show. I've had couples get engaged, start dating and flirting all around if they were solo at the show. Now,  I am not boasting. This has been 4 years of consistent chatter and I have the confidence to share this because I am very proud of it. Finally.

When I perform, I bring out my sensual Goddess, my fun loving nature, and a dash of my daring prankster side just to make sure you all don't think I am too goody-goody:)

Let me repeat; I bring out my sensual Goddess – and ladies each and every one of us have that Sensual Goddess deep inside. If you feel you have female energy than I am talking to you. When I sing, I sing to the ladies just as much as I sing to the men. 

I beleieve it is so important for the Female Energy to exude their true spirit without holding back at all. Now, I want to offer a bit of caution – that does not mean you have to expose all of your flesh! Or even any flesh. Being sexy and elegant at the same time = Sensual. 

Comments I get from women are usually "You are captivating to watch", "I love your costumes", "I can see you love what you do", "I have a girl crush on you". I used to be very uncomfortable with these comments and only focus on the women who would stare at me like a had a HUGE booger on my face while I sang. But things have changed. I am a humble woman sharing these quotes but alas! confident. I feel giving the confident women a voice for their inspiration after sharing my art, gives justice.

I love women. I think we are such beautiful, intuitive, indepth creatures and I love watching women when they feel like a Goddess. 

Comments I get from men are just as wonderful. One of my favorites to which I will never forget "You make me want to be a better man." Another fabulous one "There's more talent in the cellars of Toronto than on MTV Live" – Matty. Even after 12 years of performing, I never fluff off any compliments that someone thoughtfully gives me. I feel honoured every single time someone enjoys my art, looks me in the eye or takes the time to write a compliment.

Oh and I love men too. I love when they feel they can do anything. That energy is contagious. I love when the male energy wants to protect the female energy – even if they don't have too) cause we can do it all! right ladies?) Doesn't matter, I still love it. It's part of their nature and I think all of us female energies should allow them to open the jar for us even we could do it ourselves!

All of my lyrics are from the heart. Vulnerable sometimes painful. But it seems that men feel just as much pain as we do ladies. They just show it differently, but I don't need to tell you that. But yet, I do. I write a lot about love. It fascinates me. I've come to feel differently about love these days and I know that will only grow. The male energy thrives on the female energy when she is supportive, understanding, and funloving. Men want to see us confident, but most importantly, happy.

I have had couples ask me to be part of a threesome. Yup. I get off stage and BAM. I just smile gracefully and say thank you. I now find it flattering because it just means that our show has sparked some sensual energy their way to which I suspect they fuse the spark out by lust-rubbing untill they are blazing and than all burnt out. I love that. 

Thank you to all the couples who have shared their love and then ravished each other after my show. That makes me smile the biggest smile you've ever seen.


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