Abundant Artist

I want to find solutions for artists. I want artists to feel like they can have a family and make music. I want artists to feel some stability so they can focus on creating their art. I am looking ... Read more... »

Singing Makes Me Feel Better

When you bunk with your band mates again, after living on your own for so many years and having very adult lives -- it's funny how reflective you become about what you want in your life. We are all in ... Read more... »

Creative Abundance in Berlin

There seems to be an abundance of artistry here in Berlin. Every where you go there's something inspirational to look at. But again, I am keeping my heart and eyes open, constantly in wonder. I guess if we do that ... Read more... »

Thank You for Berlin

We finally made it! I feel so blessed to be here. I found myself judging the fact that here we are in Berlin having a 'go' in the hub of artistic endeavours and I am 34 years old. I am not ... Read more... »

Our “Secret” Side Project to be Revealed

Well, it all started out because we got a request to make an electronic album. We thought, what the hey - we love music and why not try something we've never done before! So, the boys got together and programmed ... Read more... »

MIDEM and My French Past Life

Being in Paris and Nice really felt like home to me. I can't describe the feeling - I swear I was a French woman in my past life. The people were very friendly and they were quite patient with my ... Read more... »

Music + Giving Back + Fun = Love

I've had this desire since I was kid to change the world. My mom used to say that I carried the world on my shoulders asking questions like "why are there poor kids?". It really started with my mother.. who ... Read more... »

Fears and Friends

I found this post in drafts - It's bit of a rant but I thought I would post it anyway:) Lot's has changed since this babble. I must say, I accomplished exactly what I wanted. You'll have to read it ... Read more... »

Meditation Magic

I decided to spend time with myself today.. just me, myself and I. I took my time and bought a few wedding gifts I have coming up soon. Enjoyed every bite of my favorite dessert of all time "Sea Turtle" ... Read more... »


I realized something very interesting after taking Klemmer - a personal development program. Vulnerability was very difficult for me, but only off stage. I didn't even realize that I was always playing the part of being so STRONG all the time. ... Read more... »