Box of Love

I was looking for some reasonable priced hotels that would still be close to the MIDEM conference coming up in Jan 0f 2013. There were so many to choose from, but I noticed a lot of the hotels were almost sold out for the dates I wanted! Already? I thought.

I started to panic inside, thinking I only had 10 minutes to make this happen. Then I got a sign.. a place called Boite d'Amour (box of love) – now that's awesome considering d'Amour is part of our band name:) So, I booked and sent my deposit. I am so EXCITED!!

It's only a 15 minute walk to the conference, which is just the right amount of distance to stumble home.

Although, we don't have all the funds yet to make this happen – we've taken the first step and I know it will all fall into place.

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