Inspired by Erté

The boys and I went to Aberfoyle yesterday and looked around for unusual pieces  to inspire and maybe wear.

I found some Erte prints that I had to buy. I'll show you one of them, he was such a brilliant man, still is.

He was born in Russia and was in awe by the Persian miniatures he found in his father's library as a young boy. The exotic, bright images influenced his decision to move to Paris at eighteen.

In 1915 he began an association with Harper's Bazaar by designing covers of each of their magazines for the next 22 years. The influence of his work as a result of the high visibility of this periodical influenced an entire art movement that was to become known as “Art Deco”.

I discovered Erte by borrowing a book from Mathieu, owner of Frou Frou  Vintage. I became obsessed with all the incredible artists in there. Erte was one of them.

It's funny, all the things I am very drawn to, seem to take me to Paris and the Art Deco period. Perhaps in my past life;)



But even more interesting. I created and designed a chain dress that I finished on Friday, and we went to the Aberfoyle market yesterday – I believe there's a connection. 



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