Meditation Magic

I decided to spend time with myself today.. just me, myself and I. I took my time and bought a few wedding gifts I have coming up soon. Enjoyed every bite of my favorite dessert of all time "Sea Turtle" from Chcolateria on  roncesvalles. I enjoyed every step, every breeze, every smile…

Some days go by where I feel like I am floating, and things are in slow motion – No, I am not on drugs. Ever since I started to meditate again, I feel so much closer to nature and God. Actually being able to quiet my mind and feel my whole self and basking in the moment, is a blessing for me.

Meditating has also taught me not to be so attached to the outcome of my life. I can be a very impatient person with a deep passion to share my music to the world, helping others, seeing nature, traveling etc… and doing it all at once! Just learning to let go be happy exactly where I am right now in time, is a gift. All my friends appreciate that too cause they know how eager I can get.

I go back and forth with it all – asking the question if I am fulfilling my purpose. Am I serving you all with the best of my ability? I guess that's the question we all ask, or should ask. Am I doing what I know I am meant to do? So far, I feel yes it is.

This doesn't mean I am all zen and saintly, I assure you all that.. but meditation certainly helps me to stay grounded and to remember to not sweat the small stuff.


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