MIDEM and My French Past Life

Being in Paris and Nice really felt like home to me. I can't describe the feeling – I swear I was a French woman in my past life. The people were very friendly and they were quite patient with my speaking. I was just getting the hang of the proper French language just before I left. My accent was impeccable – getting my lips just in the right curl to pronounce my r's… then it was time to go.

It was fun watching everyone walk around with baguettes under their arm as though it were a school book. Seriously, all day every day.. baguettes, baguettes, baguettes.. old, young, kids trying to wrap their teeny fingers around it.

Anyway, back to the reason why we went France – MIDEM! It was wonderful. I must say I hustled like CRAZY. I made sure I approached every single person I wanted without fear. I really feel that we have something special to share. We found a lot of people quite interested in our sound. Germans, French, Asian Countries all seemed keen. 

It's almost been a month and we've been following up with all the leads. We've gotten to chat here and there but nothing official yet. In a month or so we'll get some more feedback.

I will let you all know the update on that soon enough. I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or thoughts – please share!

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