Music + Giving Back + Fun = Love

I've had this desire since I was kid to change the world. My mom used to say that I carried the world on my shoulders asking questions like "why are there poor kids?". It really started with my mother.. who was always helping others in another country or close to home.

Music is my joy and it seems to feed me in a way that transcends. It's ineffible to describe the feeling that it gives me. I feel so blessed to have fans in my life that love what I do. While I was being fed with my music I decided to start a project called I Dare You to Care – where people, charities and businesses do dares for a good Cause. Every year I do a charity for free and then the following year I charge a little something so I can make ends meet. Fundraising and music – two jobs that don't earn much money – go figure!

But of course there's something bigger than money for me. It's feeding my light that shines when I follow my purpose. 

I will always give back no matter what. The ways I do that are starting fundraising events like Women Strut for Women, or Bungee for Alzheimers – Click here to learn more. I want to invite you all to be part of it if you'd like. It's always a good time. March 7th is our Women Strut for Women event. Unlimited wine tasting, South Asian tapas, Bollywood show, Fashion show. and every woman gets a $25 gift card from NINEWEST shoes.

I am committed to doing what I love at all times and more the merrier! If you have any dare ideas or want to collaborate I want to hear from you. This year it's all about sharing.


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