My Gold Medal

I learned from a old teacher and now friend, Terry McManus, that perseverance was the key to success. I accpeted that without any thought, saying to myself "of course! I would never give up."

Fast forward to now. 11 years later (but officially 29 years cause i've known since I was 4 that I wanted to sing!) and there's been many ups and downs. Im going to be honest, there's many times I've just wanted to give up. The constant rejection, the growing pains of overcoming my own fears of stage-freight, the battle of having 2 partners in the group who have conflicting creatve ideas, people always wanting us to play for PR = free, the opinions that our sound doesn't fit anywhere, the fact that I don't look like a pop star. We've heard it all and I've cried abot it. Oh yeah, total victim about it many times.

My point is, Perseverance (yup deserves a capital P) is just a word until you face each adversity head on. We got a record deal with Fontana North and we are in the Pop section of iTunes – which is a surprise but i'll take it! We've toured the Azores Islands, performed everywhere in Toronto and BC, been on an album with Norah Jones, Dinna Krall, Tony Bennett, Django, Michael Buble, ELLA and many more nuggets of gold..and I am very grateful for how far we have come…. but…

But I have dedicated myself to music to get the GOLD medal. My gold is traveling throughout the world in venues with a stage – doesn't have to be big – just a stage. Besides I like being closer to my audience so I can toy with them;) Also, having a booking agent that see's our act and knows that our quirkiness is a strength.

We've got way more music to share and what that means to me is love. I've got so much love to share with all of you. And without you taking action with; buying our CD or telling your friends, we wouldn't be here. I love all of you for that.

I have "I always Persevere" written on a window pane that I have screwed into my wall. And when I can't face that pa(i)ne.. I go over to our guest book that many of our fans have written in and read them.. that gives me the support I need. Persevrance encompasses many things and without the support from my fans and our team – I wouldn't be where I am. thank you..

I will always Persevere .. untill I choose not to anymore. It won't be because someone told me I can't. It's been 4 days since the release. And I've been visualizing. Wouldn't it be AMAZING if by next year, August 7th 2013 – I've sold 500 000 albums and Im performing in the Moulin Rouge? We shall see:)

d'amour always



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