Our “Secret” Side Project to be Revealed

Well, it all started out because we got a request to make an electronic album. We thought, what the hey – we love music and why not try something we've never done before! So, the boys got together and programmed some beats. Then it came to me and I made up melodies. Bass player, Randall Savoy, chopped it all up and there we had a rough demo. Time passed and the person who wanted our project backed out and so we kept the songs.

I actually really liked the music. I started to work out to them. Humming the melodies. Cleaning the house while they played in the back round to give me more energy. I decided to broach the topic of releasing these as an EP. At first, it seemed weird because we write Pop, Theatrical, Jazz, Cabaret, Bluesy songs and what would our fans think? So, it was left for a bit. 

Then we all started to feel these songs could go somewhere. So, we cleaned them up a bit and got a friend of ours DJ Shine to co-produce and update our sounds. Shine just got back from touring with Nelly Furtado and had the chance to do some final touch ups to our EP and so in the very near future we will be releasing our first single Boy on Fire very soon!

We decided that this project needed to have a different band name because it is SO different. We decided to call the group "Lumanova" – which means New Light. We are so excited to share this with you all. I can't wait to perform this live – it's going to be sick fun. It will be sweaty and heavy!

Look Out!

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