Ralph Singh – A Man all artists should know – EMI Licensing Canada

I had the great honour of interviewing Ralph Singh, Director of EMI licensing and what an incredible man he is. He was so eager to share his experience and feedback about the industry to which gave us, as a band, a lot of insight and confifidence to take steps into the world of licensing. 

I hope these answers help other artists gain confience in the Music Industry. People like Ralph make all the difference in the world. I have asked to interview several people in the Industry and he literally got ack to me the next day. Thank You Ralph and I look forward to working with you 🙂


What got you started in the world of sync licensing with EMI….


Well, I was working in the mechanical licensing dept. for quite some time here at EMI (I just celebrated my 20th year with this great record company just last month) and it’s a very funny story, I had originally applied for this job about 2 years prior before I was offered this job..I was turned down as they had someone else in mind and lucky for me (and unlucky for him..haha), he didn’t work. I was offered the job while I was away on medical leave..I was battling thyroid cancer and was resting at home ready to come back to the world of mechanical licensing when the job of Director of Music Placement was offered to me..and I’m really glad I took this job as I truly do love it. Also, I had to learn everything on my own as I wasn’t fully trained by my previous predacesor…which makes me more proud of my accomplishments as I had surpassed my initial budget target by $800,000USD this year (not to toot my own horn that is).


What do I love the most about it…


Finding that perfect song for the client..my motto is to every person that I deal with is “I’m here to make you look good”..I love interacting with everyone I deal with and helping them achieve that great success..either it’s for a commercial, TV shows, films, video games, documentary or a school project…if I can find them that perfect track and seeing it when it airs, it’s a great satisfaction for me and for my client. Whenever I see a commercial or film with an EMI master recording, I always get that feeling of pride and I can say..”I did that!”


What is the most important fact artists should know when they're interested in a sync contract?


Music placements are a great way of advertisement for the artist and their recording..whether it be a classic track from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s or a current track, these placements always helps in ways of selling their music, whether it be that track being used in the commercial or their catalogue. With the decline of CD sales and less and less play of music videos on music stations, music placements are a great venue to get the music out there for other people who would normally not listen to that genre of music. It’s a great marketing/advertising tool and more and more artists  are now understanding that fact..plus the money they receive for these sync placements are really good.


What suggestions do you have for artists to get their music out there and build contacts?


I would suggest finding out who the music supervisors are in their territory (Google is the best thing for that, you can find a needle in a haystack with this search engine) and email them your music or drop it off..also, if their songs are ever placed in a commercial, film or television show, facebook it, tweet it..tell anyone and everyone that your recording was used in this spot..if people love the song, they’ll do their best to find out what the song is and who sung it, but you only have that small window of 24 hours to get people to know it or they’ll move on to something else..always keep sending your music out to everyone, the more people who have your music, the better chance you have of it being placed


What do you want next? Tell me your next big goal (can be related to music or not)


I would love to be the manager of Suzana D’Amour, that’s my next goal..hahaha. This is a tough question to answer as I love my job and I love the people here at EMI Music Canada..they’re my family away from home..EMI Music Canada is the best music label in the world with the best music in the world..so when you love your job as much as I do, it’s hard to say what my next big goal, music related or not. I would save this question if and when I win the lottery..hahaha.


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