I realized something very interesting after taking Klemmer - a personal development program. Vulnerability was very difficult for me, but only off stage. I didn't even realize that I was always playing the part of being so STRONG all the time. "I can take care of it." "I don't need help." You know what I mean. I know you do.

Well, that's totally not the case anymore for me. I mean, I still have that behaviours pop up for me but I am aware of it now and I find it has made me a better friend, daughter, sister and one day lover:)

I can't count how many times I've had the opportunity to say I am sorry or I love you instead of being resistant. Because what I know for sure is that we just wan to be loved. The essence of any fight has everything to do with us and our "stories" and fights happen because we care. Yet, we still fuel the fire. The essence of all of us is love. We need to treat our wounds and everyone elses wounds with compassion, not sharp tongues or the silent treatment. 

Be the first to reach out. This vulnerability has transformed my heart, my music and my life. I think it would your too.




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